Antique Radio Collector & Tube Collector email reflectors.

There are three email reflectors that may be of interest to antique radio and tube collectors.
The Antique Wireless Association (AWA), the Carolinas Chapter of the AWA (CC-AWA),
and the Tube Collectors Association (TCA) all have email reflectors.
The AWA group has 389 members, the TCA group has 388 members,
and the CC-AWA has 96 members.
An email reflector is a system where there is one common email address for a large group of members. When you send an email to this common address it will be forwarded automatically to each member of the group. These reflectors are great sources of information on collecting and news of antique radio events. Some of the leading experts in the fields of radio and tube collecting are on these lists and gladly respond to question.
To help prevent the spam bots from getting into the groups each membership must be
approved by the list manager.
Once you are a member, you can visit the groups page and set the way you receive messages from the group, either individual email, digest form where groups of messages are delivered to your mailbox, or no email, where you read the messages on-line.
If you don't use an email address with an amateur radio call sign, please include a message indicating your reason for joining.
To join each of the email reflectors click on the links below
to send your subscription request.
Antique Wireless Association
Carolinas Chapter of the AWA
Tube Collectors Association
If you have a problem or a question please contact the list manager for these groups.
Lists manager